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Hunts Grove Primary Academy

Our Houses

At Hunts Grove, every child belongs to one of four houses – Oak (Green), Willow (Yellow), Birch (Blue) or Maple (Red). Each house group was named by the pupils and based on the trees that they could see surounding the school.

Houses are a very important aspect of being part of our school. Each house is led by a house captain. Each year, Year 6 pupils are elected as house captains who lead their house in school sports and competitions.

House and vice house captains are also responsible for collecting and distributing house points, showing visitors around the school and acting as ambassadors.

Oak (Green) House

Well known for its beautiful, lobed green leaves and tiny acorns, the oak is cherished across the world as a symbol of wisdom, strength and endurance.

Willow (Yellow) House

Willows also called sallows and osiers, from the genus Salix, comprise around 400 species of typically deciduous trees and shrubs,found primarily on moist soils in cold and temperate regions.

Birch (Blue) House

A birch is a thin-leaved deciduous hardwood tree of the genus Betula in the family Betulaceae, which also includes alders, hazels, and hornbeams.

Maple (Red) House

The UK's only native maple, it is found growing in woods, scrub and hedgerows, and on chalk lowland. It is widely planted in gardens and parks due to its compact habit, tolerance of pollution and rich autumn colours. 

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House Points

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